Volunteer mission

Our mission - creation of an independent digital space for all countries and Our goal - 1 000 000 regular users.

Bill-Mill strives to become a full-fledged search resource very quickly.

Only together, with the help of a reliable, enthusiastic team of volunteers, will we be able to achieve our ambitious goal!

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What does it mean to be
volunteer Bill-Mill


- perform a normal web search;
- assist in the development of the search engine;
- provide feedback on services.

Attach friends
to the idea

It is important to spread the Bill-Mill idea, as well as to build a team with which to succeed.


each volunteer is given the opportunity to realize their potential in the project, for this an income exchange has been created.


monetary reward is provided to each volunteer for their activity and work. Fair, honest, mature.

About the volunteer mission

To develop the search engine, its services and fulfill the purpose "1 000 000 users", it was decided to attract a team of volunteers.

After the official launch of the search engine in 2020, for its active use, Bill-Mill will accrue volunteer bonuses (follow the news).

As new services are launched, volunteer tasks will become more difficult, and rewards will increase..

Active and efficient volunteers, if desired, will be employed by the Bill-Mill staff, with decent pay.

Why are we doing this?

Since Bill-Mill set itself an ambitious task, the team was looking for ways to quickly promote the project among Ukrainian users. Studies have shown that advertising costs to attract users and advertisers are not justified. Advertising budgets are many times higher than the costs of developing and maintaining the project.

The solution is to create a passionate team of volunteers who will carry our idea to the masses, use the search engine and all the possibilities of the project.

We tried to inform a large number of people about our project and found in their hearts and minds sincere interest. And now an audience of more than 100 thousand people supports us with their activity and use of the Bill-Mill search engine. These are our favorite volunteers.

The mission of volunteers continues today! Advertising costs are transferred to the marketing program and task completion service. This decision allows Bill-Mill, with the help of its community, to promote information about itself and move forward.

We give rewards for completing tasks, and Bill-Mill volunteers receive additional self-realization and earnings. Ecological balance.

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