Earn income for completing tasks

Do simple actions, complete tasks in your personal account and earn blockchain crypto coins. Depending on the customer of the advertising campaign with tasks, users can easily earn crypto assets in MILL tokens.
MILL token is created on the basis of the BINANCE SMART CHAIN smart contract, has been audited and is traded on independent decentralized exchanges.

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You can earn MILL tokens from Bill-Mill on tasks in your personal account

Users, answering simple questionnaires, will be able to create their own crypto investment that brings passive income in MILL tokens. Each task will replenish the user's staking, which brings 8% per month and the payment of the staking body at the end of the term. But that's not all!

Where to begin?

1. Sign up on the platform

2. Complete simple tasks

3. Get income in tokens on your balance

Do you want to earn more?

According to the current promo conditions, if you have your own MILL staking and the equivalent of this staking in your account is more than $20, accruals on profiles are multiplied by 2 (x2), staking more than $50 gives 3 times accruals (x3), staking more than $100 gives 5 multiple accruals (x5). Staking can be replenished independently.

Bill-Mill.com - an easy way for additional income!

To do this, just share a referral link from your personal account and information on how you can earn here.

You can earn from the work of the entire group of people you invited up to the 10th level of relationships.

Each new staking for completing tasks gives referral income. By inviting beginners, you can earn referral interest according to the rules of the marketing plan.

And this can be a very significant amount. After all, it has long been known that a large group of people can do much more than one person ...


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