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Bill-Mill is a project created by investment professionals and software developers.

We will be happy to offer investment partnerships.

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What does it mean to be a
Bill-Mill investor?


When you buy a Bill-Mill share, you get a part of the company and an investment tool to increase your capital.
The minimum purchase share is 1%.

Be a part of

Notarial registration, with entering data into state registers.
Obtaining a share equal to the capital investment. Control over the liquidity of the investment.


Quarterly dividend receipts and steady growth in Bill-Mill purchased share of the company.

Proud to contribute to the
Ukrainian product

The Bill-Mill project is worthy of recognition. It was patriotically created in Ukraine for the whole world. All participants of the project have something to be proud of.


Authorized capital of the Bill-Mill was formed in 2019 in amounts of 10,000,000 UAH.

Who are we now?

A search engine with a potentially powerful contextual advertising service. Bill-Mill is an analogue of Baidu in China, Seznam in the Czech Republic or Google worldwide. In the future, we are their competitor.

We focus on the success of national projects, which not only received recognition, but also justified it by increasing the value of the business.

For example, the project (later OLX) is an excellent service for FREE ads. Media holding Naspers, in 2011, bought for $29,000,000!
1% share of the company - $290,000.

Ukrainian news portal - with an initial investment of about $200,000, sold part of the company for $20,000,000.

We focus on such successes and strive to exceed the result.

The Bill-Mill company today has a working and implemented project, which a group of developers, investors and marketers have been working on since 2017. The trademark of the same name has been registered.

Bill-Mill is progressively developing and rapidly gaining popularity among users and advertisers.

We set ambitious goals and take responsibility for the result.

Business forecasting of our activity allows us to announce the base value of 1% of the company and the amount of dividends quarterly.

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