About Bill-Mill

The Bill-Mill search engine is a computer system designed to search for text and graphic information while maintaining the privacy of searching the World Wide Web. Users enter search queries and receive generated pages of results that contain the specified keywords.

The search system "Bill-Mill" is created in Ukraine for users all over the world. "Bill-Mill" is a part of a large-scale information platform, thanks to which our Ukraine declares about itself, its digital and intellectual potential in the circle of more technological and developed countries.

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The company was founded by three Ukrainian entrepreneurs with one common idea

launch year

the project has been restarted, strengthened, and is rapidly developing


Personal capital and private investment

Bill-Mill Mission

The mission of Bill-Mill search engine is to create an independent information space. For convenient search from anywhere in the world, we unite all information about countries on one resource.

The mission of the entire project is to preserve, develop and scale the national IT direction. Creation of effective startup space by regions and countries.

We want countries to develop and maintain their own independent digital space, and their residents to take pride in creating unique, innovative and popular products. We strive to provide the best IT climate and allow people with ideas and startups to develop and earn a decent income.

Title Bill-Mill

We chose a metaphor that most accurately describes the processes of the project and to brand the Search engine is easily remembered and associated with Ukraine, the country where it was created.

Therefore, the word "mill" was chosen as a symbol of the system, which in translation means "mill". And the word "bill", which has several interpretations, but we use it in the meaning of "poster".

"Bill-Mill" in translation - "Bill-Mill".

The image of the Mill

The image of the mill, as a symbol of the Bill-Mill platform, combines explicit and hidden search and issuance algorithms.
The windmill has an external manifestation - blades that are visible from afar and which are in constant motion, attracting attention to themselves.
The millstones are inside, but they provide the data processing process.

Thus, Bill-Mill is the relationship of search queries, information platform results and integration of the range of business processes provided to system users.

What Bill-Mill was created for

We have watched for too long as various search engines complicate their algorithms, trying to impose and sell us absolutely everything, even things we do not need, as well as violate the boundaries of our privacy. We are tired of information garbage and of the tension that our personal information is not so secret.

Companies, without your consent, make money from your personal information, and we think you deserve privacy.

В Bill-Mill believes that the Internet and all its services should serve people, not the other way around.

We bravely set out to create an information retrieval system with the level of privacy that we wanted personally and that has the maximum benefit.

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