How does the Bill-Mill search engine work?

Just like Google, Yandex, Bing or Yahoo - it finds and gives you the information you are looking for.

Unlike the information giants, the Bill-Mill search engine produces a "clean" answer, without regard to any of your previous preferences.

We remain anonymous!

Bill-Mill does not store search history of the user: each result is objective and unbiased. Previously selected resources and advertisers are not taken into account in the current query result. Fresh search results from anywhere in the world and relevant for your chosen region.

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By studying the information space of different countries, the Bill-Mill team came to the conclusion:

An overwhelming number of societies around the world are Google-dependent.

Pop-up ads, annoying offers, the struggle for attention - the norm of life, without question or objection. Unfortunately, most of these services offer an identical information space.

Bill-Mill is an alternative independent search engine created in Ukraine for the whole world, which respects personal boundaries of the user. Safe to search, with a relevant contextual advertising service.

Bill-Mill - every new search in the system is like from scratch.


Bill-Mill search engine - a search engine, just like Baidu in China, Seznam in Czech Republic or Google all over the world! We created it in Ukraine for users all over the world!

Bill-Mill, like other popular search engines, works to ensure that you get the most accurate answers to your questions. Results are generated with priority from regional resources where you are.

Search engine algorithms of the Bill-Mill are purged of your search history. We keep your interests anonymous.

The work of Bill-Mill search system is organized without saving the history of searches. Thus we guarantee a new result for each query and ensure anonymity.

Bill-Mill blocks ad trackers installed by advertisers on their sites. They do not stand a chance of following you.

Bill-Mill blocks ad trackers installed by advertisers on their sites. They do not stand a chance of following you.
In order to monetize, advertisers assign trackers that track you across social media and other sites. Popular search engines facilitate this.

Bill-Mill provides the same privacy as if you were using an extra hidden mode in your usual browser by default.

Bill-Mill does not share your personal information or search query information with advertisers. We respect personal boundaries.

Yes, we have a contextual advertising service for Ukrainian entrepreneurs, which minimizes the cost of advertisers. We organize budget promotion of Ukrainian business on the Ukrainian search resource. In return we get support for the performance of the national search engine.

But, we are for the privacy of the search! We block advertising trackers and do not share information about your personal data and interests with advertisers.

Bill-Mill helps Ukrainian businesses with its affordable advertising product.

Ukrainians get a quality clean search, and advertisers get an affordable, effective advertising product. By combining two needs and two resources, Bill-Mill has created a product with benefits for everyone. By using the Bill-Mill search engine as an alternative advertising channel, you are helping to develop the Ukrainian search engine.

Bill-Mill is just a cool modern startup, with the right idea and drive to grow the country.

Personal responsibility plus inspiration, focus on long-term plans and the scale of results have created a dream team of us.

Search and find any information
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No tracking of your search, no targeted advertising after visiting any sites - just a clean and accurate Ukrainian search.

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