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Show ads only to interested audiences!

With the contextual advertising service Bill-Mill, your ad appears exactly when people are looking for a product or service similar to your offerings.

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Bill-Mill selects
the right time
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your advertisement

Through Bill-Mill, people are looking for what to see, what to do, what to buy, where to order, where to go and more. Your ad will appear exactly when a visitor is looking for products or services in your category.

Timely targeted advertising turns an ordinary user into an interested customer.

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We give the opportunity to be number 1 in the national search

Uniqueness in the name of a business or a name is a guarantee that you will be the first in the search engine results when buying our contextual advertising. The Bill-Mill algorithm shows you first for your keywords in your region.

Equality in price

The popularity of your business is not a reason for us to overestimate the cost of advertising. Bill-Mill pays a fixed price per click on an ad.

Buy an advertising package, create ads, add keywords, show up in our search engine.
Running out of clicks? You buy more with a discount on the quantity: you take more - you pay less. Simply.

The goal of Bill-Mill is a fresh, modern search engine with search anonymity and budget-friendly contextual advertising.

Parity in issuance

Bill-Mill organizes an even display of all advertisers of the system in a random order. Relevant when competitors with similar offers will appear. 3 first and 3 last advertising places on the first page of the output.
Вас заметят. Билл-Милл поддерживает баланс.

You will get
the desired result

Target visitors to your site

Manual moderation of each of your ads.
We are for ensuring that users get the most accurate answers to their query. The right ad is the target client to your site.

To save clicks and get the most targeted traffic to your site, we have designed small banners.

Before clicking on the ad, the user sees a banner describing your offer. If the client sees what he is looking for, he will come to your site. The rest is up to you!

Electronic business card

If, in answer to the question "how do I find you on the Internet?", you do not have an answer because you offer private services (lawyer, carpenter, jeweler, cleaner, etc.), we took care of you!

Buy a minimal advertising package, place an ad, attach a photo of your product or service, indicate the number, add keywords.

A business card performs two functions: promoting you in the Bill-Mill search engine and a personal online business card. The customer can easily find your contact and description by business name or last name.

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Choose the optimal
advertising package

В On Bill-Mill you can be advertised for any budget.

Get a package that suits your goals and capabilities and start advertising.
Sales increase is closer than you think.

In addition, you can stop showing ads at any time, as well as buy the required number of clicks into the package.

clicks with discount

When your ad has exhausted the number of clicks, you can buy a new advertising package or purchase the required number of clicks for your task.

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